Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

Rewrite your nutrition story and navigate your health with confidence. 

Dia Dearstyne - Wellwellwell Nutrition Coaching

Hi, I’m Dia!

I am a certified nutrition and wellness coach and professional dancer, dedicated to finding a healthful balance in even the most hectic of schedules.

I don’t count calories and I broke up with my scale a while back. I do listen to my body and support it with healthful food choices and lots of love and acceptance. Balance for me looks like having nutrient dense snacks in my bag that I can eat when running from one gig to the next and scheduling things like exercise, meal-prep, and early bedtimes in my planner. It also looks like taking a break and having a cookie when I want to, without fear of judgement. These small habits help support me and keep me energized and sane so I can continue to pursue life at the speed I want. My job, if you’re interested, is to help you find your own unique and sustainable balance - to empower you to make choices for yourself that align with your personal goals and as a result free you up to live presently in your life with less distraction.


“Dia has had a profound impact on my relationship to food. By her encouragement to observe my cravings and try to identify what my body needed instead of what it wanted, I gradually started a long process of pulling myself out of habit. She is a gentle but steadfast advocate, setting goals that are achievable and celebrating small victories that eventually shift habits and lifestyle. I have worked with her for nearly 9 months and can’t say enough. It is an absolute luxury for a busy person to have someone in their corner whispering life hacks, texting you to drink water, insisting on quinoa, and coaxing you to a more healthy you. I appreciate her style because it is not diet, it’s health."

- Breanna , Project Manager/Geologist

wellwellwell Nutrition coaching is based on three principals:

observation + reflection + action

Observe where your health is in the present, reflect on areas of strength and pat your self on the back, and then reflect a little longer to find the spots you want to improve upon.

Set a goal and go for it!


“I trust Dia as a nutritionist that I can send my clients to, simply because I know that she truly cares.  She has an honest passion for helping people to be their best selves.  She is generous, compassionate, knowledgeable, and real.  What more could you ask for?” 

- Isaac Owens, Pilates Instructor + Personal Trainer, Owner Mojo Fitness