These friends of mine shape and contribute to my sense of wellbeing.

They are way too good to keep to myself!

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Isaac Owens is a fitness professional that brings compassion and empathy to the world of fitness and health.  His investment in supporting people as they find the tools they need to help themselves has led him to Personal Training and Pilates as a means to encourage positive change in people's lives.

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Alice Cooks for You

Alice Johnson loves to cook!  She also knows that you maybe do NOT love to cook, or that you don't have time, or are just really really tired right now, or you haven't thought about what to bring to that party on Saturday...  
Don't worry, she'll take care of it.  

It's like Seemless, but homemade! It's like Blue Apron, without the work. You're gonna like it.  

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Marc studied fashion and photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Worked for Betsey Johnson, Nicole Miller, Calvin Klein, and Carolina Herrera. Likes anything rococo or midcentury modern. Dance enthusiast. Makeup junkie. Style perfectionist.

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